Can I Use A Futon As My Primary Bed?


A futon is a type of traditional Japanese bedding. It comprises a Shikibuton (padded mattress) and a Kakebuton (quilted comforter or blanket). In ancient times, the Japanese used futons as a floor bed.

It was an ideal solution for them. Back then, most homes were small. To fit the limited space, they needed a bedding that was easy to store and keep away when not in use.

Today, futons are prevalent in the West as a versatile sleeping option. They are often used in small apartments or as guest beds.

How are Futons Useful As Primary Bedding?

A primary bed is the most important furniture in a household. This bed is usually in the main bedroom. It is designed for comfort and relaxation.

Primary beds come in various sizes. This includes twin, full, queen, and king. They are often the centerpiece of the bedroom decor. Organic mattresses like futons have become popular. With sustainable production methods, they are hypoallergenic. The popular materials used are latex, wool, and cotton.

A primary bed with an organic futon mattress can give you great support. It can also be super-comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Plus, it can help reduce aches and pains while being mindful of environmental impact.

Advantages of Using A Futon As A Primary Bed

Futons are a versatile and practical alternative to traditional beds. With several advantages, they can also make an excellent primary bed. Here are a few advantages to get started:

  • Comfort level: Futons are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. They are made with layers of cotton or foam that adapt to the body’s shape. This provides good support and pressure relief. Many futons also come with a thick quilted mattress that enhances comfort.
  • Affordability: Futons are generally more inexpensive than traditional beds. This makes them a good option for those who are on a tight budget. A good quality futon can cost a fraction of the price of a standard bed. It will also provide similar comfort for sleeping.
  • Space-saving: One of the main advantages of a futon as a primary bed is saving space. Futons can easily convert from a bed to a sofa. This makes it great for multi-room use. It’s also why futons are ideal for small apartments, guest rooms, or home offices.
  • Versatility: Futons are incredibly versatile and flexible in use. Besides being a bed and a sofa, they can be a lounge or chaise. This makes them perfect for flexible bedding that can adapt to different situations.

But replacing your traditional bed with a futon can be a big step. Keep some of these essential aspects in mind:

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Futon As A Primary Bed

With careful consideration, you can ensure maximum benefits from your futon. Consider the following factors:

  • Type of futon: There are various types of futons available in the market. This includes bi-fold, tri-fold, and loveseat futons. Each has advantages and disadvantages. So, choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Frame quality: The frame of a futon is the foundation of the bed. So, it’s essential to choose a high-quality, sturdy, and durable structure. Look for frames made from materials like solid wood or metal. This will ensure they can support the mattress and sleeper’s weight.
  • Mattress thickness and material: Thicker cotton or foam mattresses provide better comfort. They’re also a great support for a good night’s sleep.
  • Price range: You’ll find futons that are budget-friendly as well as high-end. Consider your budget when choosing one. Look for the best value for your money.
  • Personal preferences: Finally, personal preferences play a big role. Every person has unique needs and a sense of aesthetics. Consider factors like the color, design, function, and overall style. Ensure that the futon you buy complements your existing decor and aesthetics.

In addition to these factors, there are a few more aspects you should consider when buying a futon.

Additional Aspects to Keep In Mind When Buying A Futon

  • Ease of use: Some futons require more effort to convert from a bed to a couch and vice versa. Ensure you choose a model that is easy to use and won’t strain your back or shoulders when converting.
  • Maintenance: To increase the life of your futon mattress, ensure regular maintenance. Simple practices like flipping or rotating your mattress can go a long way. Additionally, select a futon bed that is easy to maintain. There are some with a removable cover for convenient cleaning. It’s also easy and hassle-free for upkeep. Regular maintenance will ensure your futon stays hygienic, fresh, and comfortable for longer. It will also keep the futon protected against germs and dust mites.
  • Brand reputation: Buy a futon from a reputed brand with high-quality, durable products. Research reviews and ratings online. Take recommendations from family and friends. The goal is to get yourself a reliable futon.
  • Delivery and assembly: Consider the delivery and assembly process when selecting a futon. Check if the company delivers and sets up the futon in your room. Or, choose a model that is easy to assemble yourself.
  • Warranty: Futons have different warranties. This ranges from a few months to several years. Buying futons with extended warranties is a good idea. It will safeguard them against defects and damages for longer.
  • Purpose: Futons are only beneficial if they are able to serve the right purpose. Figure out what primary purpose you want your futon to serve. Will it be used as a guest bed or your everyday bed? If you use it as your primary bed, invest in a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting futon.

Wrapping Up

Futons can be an excellent primary bed for those looking for a versatile option. With their affordability and space-saving, they’re ideal for small apartments or guest rooms.

However, choosing one requires careful consideration of several factors. This includes the type, frame quality, mattress thickness, and personal preferences. Additionally, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it clean and functional for years. With proper care and maintenance, a futon can provide a comfortable good night’s rest.