Bull & JCB Backhoe Loaders with Specifications in India

BULL CH76 Backhoe Loader

Infra professionals in India are assigned several responsibilities when overriding a project. Whether piloting the same or its completion, they precisely map out every phase. Moreover, heavy-duty equipment acts as a great add-on resource for these professionals, accelerating the project’s growth. For example, Bull & JCB are two promising brands manufacturing high-in-class construction machinery in India. 

Rightly so, the companies are best known for equipping machines with advanced technologies. Moreover, the equipment are easy to operate. The best part is both JCB & Bull offer a fair price range on their models. All these attributes henceforth make these brands quite cost-effective heavy-duty brands. 

Featuring 2 Best Backhoe Loaders in India

1. BULL CH76 Backhoe Loader 

To begin with its spectacular features, the equipment can reach a full height of 2960 mm. Subsequently, this functionality ensures greater work efficiency. Additionally, the model’s operating weight of 8000 kg delivers massive work output. 

Moreover, the 3 cum of bucket capacity helps store bulky material at once. Furthermore, the price range of this Bull machine starts from Rs. 26 Lakh and goes up to 28 Lakh. 

2. JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader 

This backhoe loader comes equipped with an operating weight of 1800 Kg. This particular functionality increases work output at mining & construction sites. Additionally, the hydraulic oil capacity of this equipment is up to 110ltr. This subsequently contributes to higher productivity. Moreover, the machine can reach a full height of 3000mm. Such a great height limit increases work efficiency at heavy-duty on-site activities. 

Furthermore, the backhoe loader can load heavy material at once with ease, thanks to its 1 cum bucket capacity. More importantly, this model’s JCB price in India ranges between Rs. 35-38 Lakh. 

So, which backhoe loader model is going to be your next purchase? JCB or Bull. Well, be it any model, we cover it all for you at InfraJunction.