Best Renovation Tips To Get a High-end Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

When renovating a kitchen, three main objectives are functional, ergonomics, and space optimization. But if you want a high-end kitchen, then other details, even if unnoticed by others, can make a big difference.

These details relate to the furniture and materials as well as equipment or finishes.

Characteristics of High-end Kitchens:

According to the top Toronto kitchen renovations expert, kitchens that stand out are designed to adapt to the needs and lifestyles of their users. is a flexible and functional design.

These unique kitchens are also timeless because of the quality of their materials. They are not easily outgrown and can be adapted to simple decorative styles such as minimalism.

This kitchen is efficient because the materials used are eco-friendly and meet the highest sustainability standards.

High-end kitchens also incorporate the most recent technology and appliances to increase our comfort while reducing energy consumption.

How To Get High-end Kitchens With a Small Reform?

It is important to outfit it with the latest home automation system and add luxury details. However, it is not enough just to purchase the best appliances or designer objects to create a high-end kitchen.

These are the main points to consider before you plan a redesign of these characteristics to achieve elegant and functional results.

Materials & Finishes

Materials can make all the difference between a “normal”, and a luxury kitchen.

High-quality materials are used in kitchens that have a high standing to ensure aesthetics and functionality.

This criterion is usually met by noble woods like oak, pine, or beech, as well as natural stones such as granite, porcelain, and marble.

Space Distribution

Brightness and a feeling of spaciousness. You can transform a standard kitchen into a high-end one if you can achieve these two things.

High-end kitchens make the most of space by having an open-plan area and a central island that can be accessed from all sides.

This is not an accidental choice: we can use the island for different purposes such as storage, work/cooking, or even a bar.


Lighting is an important element in achieving a kitchen that stands out with your renovation.

is the key to installing different light points with different intensities to create different environments within the same space.

It is recommended to place one or more large lamps in the center. You can add LED strips to specific areas, such as the countertop, or bright light bulbs to the ceramic hob.


Two styles of decoration are commonly used for high-standing kitchens: minimalist and classical.

This is where robust furniture and finishes are used, such as wood, porcelain, or marble. Many high-end kitchens also include decorative elements like paintings and textiles.

High-end kitchens with minimalist designs are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms and lightness.

They don’t usually have ornamental elements or dark colors. White is the dominant color in furniture, floors, and walls.


You should pay particular attention to the handles on the drawers, storage spaces, and lamps as they are very important.

Another important detail in high-end kitchens is the backsplash or front area. This is the wall that is next to the countertop. It is more susceptible to moisture and stains.

Large-format ceramic is the most popular material in luxury kitchens. However, you can also choose compacted Quartz or natural stone.

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